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The seven Sacraments are outward signs instituted by Christ for His Church. Through the Sacraments you can grow in your personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Sacraments are living signs of the sacred presence of God in our midst today. They strengthen us throughout life’s transitions and help us to understand His Holy Will.

Gain a Greater Appreciation and Understanding of the Seven Sacraments

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But few people have a good understanding of the seven Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist, Jesus’ total gift of Himself for our salvation.

Mother Angelica has and wrote a unique, beautiful and prayerful guide called, A Quick Guide to the Sacraments. We have abbreviated this resource into an eBook called, Understanding the Sacraments that will give you a greater appreciation for the Sacraments and help you experience God’s grace with a fresh understanding of His Love for us.

In this eBook, Mother Angelica meditates on each Sacrament to help strengthen our faith, further our sanctification, and assure us of the Lord’s unwavering faithfulness.

You too, can share in Christ’s life, work and love when you gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the seven Sacraments.

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